Digitizing the Construction Site

Digitizing the Construction Site

Stuart Maggs shares how Scaled Robotics is using autonomous robots and artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between digital models and physical buildings.


BIM has given us the ability to create data-rich digital models, but until now, building things in the real world has still been a stubbornly analog process. Scaled Robotics has developed a robot that can laser scan construction sites 10 times faster than a person, as well as a software platform that uses AI to analyze the data, compare it to the digital model, and show what parts of the project are out of tolerance. This enables site managers to understand what’s putting their project at risk each day and allocate resources to mitigate that risk based on the priorities they establish.

About the speaker

Stuart Maggs is CEO and co-founder of Scaled Robotics. He has a background in architecture and design and extensive experience introducing digital processes to construction in both research and industry settings.

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