Algorithm-Based and Bionic Product Design for Additive Manufacturing | Stephan Ziegler

Algorithm-Based and Bionic Product Design for Additive Manufacturing

The products we make are getting more complex. Generative design and additive techniques can help us manage that complexity more efficiently. Stephan Ziegler shares his work.


Cars in the 1950s were relatively simple machines—a body, an engine, gears, and a steering system. Today’s cars are far more customizable and complex, with dozens of digital systems and a range of interior packages and engines to choose from. Managing that kind of complexity manually is difficult and bringing new models to market in that context takes time. Combining generative design and additive manufacturing can help. Stephan Ziegler of RWTH Aachen University shares the progress of their research team pioneering new ways to use generative design and additive manufacturing techniques to accelerate design, testing, and development—and bring better products to market more efficiently.

About the speaker

Stephan Ziegler is managing director and chief engineer at the Digital Additive Production facility within RWTH Aachen University. He brings broad expertise in additive manufacturing, including materials, process chains, and approaches to digitization. He holds degrees in industrial engineering and business administration.

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