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iOS Mobile Development—Get It Right from the Very Beginning
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When developing an iOS app, there are numerous approaches for developing the solution we need. Designing view controllers, developing components, integrating with external services, managing components, and configuring apps are just a part of the challenges we face when we develop our mobile app. In this class you will learn how to plan the architecture of your app (whether it is for iPhone, iPad, or both), asking yourself a series of questions that will assist in building a scalable solution and setting the ground for future development requests, backward compatibility, and more. The best practices discussed in this class will assist in building an iOS app that is modular and extendable from the first day.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to plan the development of an iOS app
  • Discover the requirements to take into consideration when developing an app
  • Discover the challenges and differences between mobile development and other client/front-end solutions
  • Learn the best practices to apply when building iOS apps



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