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The eTail Metaverse, immersive visualization to grow your target market

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    Buying habits have changed due to the global pandemic, with the Retail industry experiencing a reduction of in person shopping. The great return (post lockdown) meant people flocked to bars and restaurants but in person shopping has never recovered with retailers experiencing a 5.7% decrease in sales. Retailers have to reimagine themselves having seen the reality of layoffs and store closures around them The effect of this has accelerated adoption and requirements to provide immersive experiences to allow customers to shop in familiar environments whilst visualizing products they want to buy. It is a pivotal time right now to support this industry as there is a possibility of a sink or swim phenomenon of retailers with varying levels of technology maturity. In this Convergence session we’ll discuss how Autodesk technology can support physicalizing digital retail experiences and enable product buying decisions

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the ways in which Autodesk can help create physical environments for immersive visualisations
    • Understand the value of high end visualization for ETail applications
    • Explain the value of visualisation to the Retail Industry with Convergence Solutions
    • Understand the pain points of the Retail industry today