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The death & rebirth of the technical drawing. Are drawings needed anymore?

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    I love technical drawings. Bold outlines, crisp details, precise lettering - I love it all. But I hear that technical drawing is dead? It's said that we live in the age of the paperless office - Can this be true? In this presentation, we will ask the big questions about the future of Technical drawing. Where did Technical drawing come from? How did we come up the present rules of Technical drawing? Will we even need Technical drawings in the future? Where is Technical drawings' place in the world of Digital prototyping, and BIM projects? How will we communicate design intent in the future? How many people got caught out when we moved from hand-drawing - to CAD? Will we be next? I don't think that Technical drawing is dead yet, but I think that it can and must adapt to suit its role in the future of design communication. Join me for this review of Technical drawing past and present, and help to prepare yourself for the future. The future of Technical Drawing.

    Key Learnings

    • Why are Technical drawings the way they are? Where did the rules come from?
    • What is a Technical drawing for? What does it need to do?
    • What might replace the drawing? What has been tried so far? What succeeded (and what didn't!)?
    • What could the future bring? What would a world look like without Technical drawings?