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A brief history of technology for the built environment

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    As we look at the remarkable pace and impact of the digital transformation of the built environment, it's sometimes hard to fathom just how much has happened in the last several years. Seemingly overnight, a whole new construct tech ecosystem has developed. After years of stagnation, we’re now in virtuous circle. Demand from owner/operators, architects, engineers, contractors for new solutions. Entrepreneurs bringing innovation and advanced technologies. Funding from incumbents as well as private equity. To put what's happening today and what might happen tomorrow in context, it makes sense to go back in history. 25 years ago, Autodesk acquired Softdesk. Shortly afterward, Jesse Devitte became the founding leader for Autodesk's AEC Market Group. Just over 20 years ago, Meridian Systems was sold to Trimble; Jeff Herriman represented Turner Construction in the sale. Jesse and Jeff will offer their perspectives on construct tech development from their unique vantage points.

    Key Learnings

    • Industry participants will have a new perspective on the fast-developing construct tech eco-system
    • Industry participants will better understand the breadth of new entrepreneur-led firms
    • Industry participants will better understand the kind and type of financial support coming from PEs and VCs into the industry
    • Industry participants will better understand the evolution of technologies