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BIMigration: Transforming AECO Through Immigration, Diversity, and Technology

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    Through this conversation, you'll see the journey of five different architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) professionals from different countries and backgrounds. They'll talk about their experiences maneuvering through the AEC industry and the unique situations they've faced. Learn how they adapted to the new environments, cultures, and practices while working to provide excellence in their respective fields. This conversation will provide insight into how diversity, equity, and inclusion can positively impact your company, its culture, the way it's perceived in the industry—and its bottom line.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about navigating the AECO industry as an immigrant.
    • Learn about developing skills for constructive conversations on diversity, immigration, and inclusion to foster great corporate culture.
    • Discover how immigrants can use adaptability in a dynamic industry with emerging technologies, methods, and workflow.
    • Create an action plan for implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives in your company and the AECO industry.