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How Digital Project Delivery Increases Operational Efficiency

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    During this class, projects members of the TELT Infrastructure megaproject will explain how to improve operational efficiency with the support of the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and different desktop software systems. Digital project delivery helps solve one of the main challenges of the construction project: collaboration. It does this by providing up-to-date information, documents, and models, and initiating the revision workflow and the process of the design problems on the platform. From reality capture to existing-condition modeling, from design authoring to design review, the JV has been able to embrace the benefit of constructing digitally before constructing in reality, thanks to the cloud collaboration.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how to manage huge amounts of data with Autodesk Construction Cloud.
    • Learn about implementing a CDE on a multidisciplinary and multicultural project.
    • Learn how to simplify collaboration between project stakeholders.