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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure
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Take a look at how Perkins+Will's Digital Practice Group has set out to measure real-time performance of the design process. This concept is not to look at what happened, but rather to determine what is happening and what might happen. See how proactive guidance to design teams is possible while offering insight to the business operations. Join us as we reveal which Revit data to gather, how to generate meaningful metrics from the data, and why delivering the information in an easy-to-consume format matters. We'll lay out the steps taken to define and harvest data, and design and build a monitoring dashboard, and we'll show how proactive support enhances Revit team performance. This is not the typical Revit dashboard. Designing a scalable backend, our team runs real-time dashboards generating predictive analytical models. Wrangling data from more than 700 active projects and 1,000-plus designers daily, this challenge became an opportunity for Perkins+Will-an opportunity we would like to share with you. Please join us.

Key Learnings

  • Identify key Revit performance and risk indicators
  • Learn how to harvest and store the data in one or more ways
  • Learn how to run calculations on the data to prepare it for dashboard use
  • Learn how to build a dashboard to visualize performance and risk



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