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Women in BIM: The Growth of a Global Community

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    This session will focus on the core ambitions and work of Women in BIM, focused on the uptake, history and global reach of this organisation over the last 10 years. As an industry group spanning 30 countries across the world, our members and regional leaders are all in place to support and encourage digital methods and processes to their projects and to their work. Women in BIM was founded in 2012 as a response to the lack of Women in BIM and Digital roles across the built environment and our main ambition is to ensure there is equal representation and a stronger focus on retaining Women across the industry on a global level. With more and more people moving into varying industries and organsations across the world focusing on retention the WIB group is more important than ever in encouraging and celebrating female role models across the world. This session will also discuss the importance of Diversity and gender equality as a key ambition of the United Nations Sustainability goals.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the key drivers, ambitions and core values of Women in BIM as a community.
    • Learn about how diversity and inclusion across your organisation can ultimately support productivity and growth.
    • Learn about how to ensure that you retain the best talent in your organisation or be able to support WIB.
    • Understand the core drivers of the United Nations Sustainability Goals.