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Why Is Virtual Commissioning and the Use of a Digital Twin Essential Today?

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    Today, companies have to achieve perfect products in the shortest possible time and in high quality. This is possible through the use of virtual commissioning with a digital twin along the entire value chain. IndustrialPhysics is a physics-based 3D simulation software for the virtual commissioning of mechatronic systems. In this workshop, we will use numerous practical examples from different industries to show how other companies have already implemented this important topic and reveal the results that have been achieved.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover why it’s necessary to use virtual commissioning these days.
    • Discover when it’s the right time to start virtual commissioning.
    • Learn what the digital twin should be able to do: What this includes, which interfaces, and which areas.
    • Discover a case study that examines how other companies have implemented virtual commissioning and the results that have been achieved.