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Why Diversity and Inclusion Is Important for Your Business
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Companies that offer an inclusive environment to a diverse mix of employees benefit by getting a competitive advantage. It’s not only the right thing to do; it’s also imperative to attracting and retaining talent, delivering results, and staying ahead of the game. Based on Harvard Business Review research, companies with 2D diversity out innovate and outperform competitors. Employees at these firms are 45% more likely to report that their company's market share grew over the previous year, and 70% more likely to report that their company captured a new market. Join us for a compelling conversation among influential industry leaders who will share different dimensions of diversity and inclusion. They’ll offer real-world solutions for fostering a leadership that believes in building psychological safety. You will walk away with key learnings that can have a positive impact on your business and improve employee and customer engagement.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the different dimensions of diversity and inclusion
  • Discover why diversity and inclusion is imperative for business
  • Discover how diversity and psychological safety unlock innovation and accelerate market growth
  • Get actionable key takeaways to build high-performing and self-organized teams by using different dimensions of diversity and inclusion




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