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What's New in Vault 2021

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    Vault software is built to help you more efficiently manage your engineering data, improve collaboration within your teams, and take control of your product development processes. Vault is tightly integrated with more than 30 Autodesk design applications and provides powerful revisioning and access control capabilities. With simplified installation and optional multisite scalability, Autodesk customers worldwide use Vault to connect their people and processes so they can get more done, better, in less time. The 2021 release of the Vault data management software includes major enhancements in areas such as experience design, engineering efficiency, and administrative efficiency. This class will give you an overview of some of these enhancements.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the productivity enhancements for a CAD User.
    • Learn about the features that enable administrators to be more efficient.
    • Learn about enhanced design experience.
    • Learn how to reduce duplicate designs.