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What is the truly valuable DX for construction site, lead by on-site

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    For Digital transformation initiated by HQ, in order to make it work at on-site in real projects, we have been working on concrete measures. Understanding the capability of new new technologies, we started closely working with Autodesk to realize "what we really want on-site". When we tried to implement new technologies into the actual workflow, we had faced various obstacles, from very small to huge one, but we had to solve all of them in order to make it truly usable at on-site. After numerous trials and errors, our way of working has changed dramatically by moving all drawings and documents from paper to electronic (Plangrid), data from local to cloud (BIM360), and 2D drawings to 3D models + VR. Work efficiency related to drawings has improved by 30%, and and we are now able to produce valuable outputs to our clients as well. We will talk about the challenges and possibilities for the future from a realistic point of view, because we are the person in charge at on-site.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. With BIM360, achieve a new way of work to manage drawings even remotely
    • 2. Implement a new data management with PlanGrid to be able to cope with sudden design or spec changes
    • 3. Execute efficient VR interference check applied to large scale model utilizing Prospect
    • 4. Migrate to Autodesk Build achieving above mentioned 1~3.