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What does Sustainability mean for Manufacturers?

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    Achieving long-term economic viability requires sustainable manufacturing. Globally, rising costs of materials, energy, and compliance, as well as consumer, investor, and community demands, are exerting pressure on firms. Our experiences suggest that environmental improvements are linked to increased profitability and competitiveness; nevertheless, many small and medium-sized businesses, accounting for nearly all businesses, have yet to take advantage of these opportunities. Let's pinpoint the issue. Client pressure, a lack of knowledge and resources, or simply not knowing where to start are all issues. This workshop will bring together manufacturing industry thought leaders to assist them discover more sustainable processes and apply early, predictive, and real-time analysis. We'll also discuss roadblocks to effective stakeholder collaboration and communication. When you return to your work, you will be armed with the raw data collected during this session.

    Key Learnings

    • Discovery Road blocks for sustainable standards/parameters for design analysis study.
    • Define what sustainability means to Manufacturers
    • Deliver sustainably with cross industry process
    • Gather and Collect data that will help your organizations sustainability journey