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The Future of Connected XR Experiences | Nicolas Fonta

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The Future of Connected XR Experiences

Extended reality tools like VR and AR are revolutionizing how we design, make, and build


Whether in construction or manufacturing, the process of resolving clashes and reconciling design ideas with the realities of fabrication has been time-consuming, requiring in-person collaboration. Any drawbacks associated with this approach have simply been accepted as the cost of doing business. But extended reality (XR) technologies like VR and AR provide important new possibilities for collaboration, enabling designers and project stakeholders to not only see plans but experience designs and processes in an immersive, intuitive way—from anywhere, on any device—before the start of construction or manufacturing. Nicolas Fonta, a senior product manager at Autodesk, has been involved with the evolution of immersive technologies in design for more than two decades. Through processes like synchronous real-time design collaboration, immersive design review, and AR-based quality control on the construction site, he shows how designers, engineers, builders, and owners can collaborate better and iterate faster, so they can make better decisions that lead to better business outcomes.

About the speaker

Nicolas Fonta is a senior product manager for AR/VR/MR at Autodesk. Originally a software engineer, he brings more than 20 years of experience in real-time technologies, AR/VR, content creation, cloud services, and gaming. He has previously worked at CAE, Electronic Arts, and Presagis.

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