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What are all these acronyms!? An introduction to writing complex Revit addins

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    MVVM, WPF, DI, IoC, DDD, the list goes on...

    If you're new to programming, you likely won't know what all of these mean.

    However, if you want to take your Revit addin to the next level, and write a maintainable, testable application, you will need to know all of these and more.

    This class will teach you the fundamentals of how to separate your application into multiple layers, how to unit test your applications and explain why this is a good idea (Hint: your application will end up larger than you've planned).

    Integrating all of this into a Revit addin presents its own particular challenges, and these will be addressed in this class.

    There will also be a sample application provided that you can use as the basis for your own applications.

    Key Learnings

    • Structure an application in multiple layers
    • Run unit tests on an application
    • Understand the technologies and libraries needed to make a complex application
    • Apply all of this knowledge to creating a complex Revit addin