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Build Dynamo Packages Like a Pro: From Zero to Hero, the Easy Way

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    In this class we will talk about the most-updated workflows to build a multi-version Dynamo package that includes: ZeroTouch nodes, explicit nodes, extensions, and view extensions. The class will be structured to explain step by step how to set up the Visual Studio solution, how to make sure there is a robust version control system, and how to deploy for Dynamo Core or Dynamo hosted. We'll touch on how to use GitHub Actions to streamline the release pipeline and we will use NUKE Build to do it. NUKE is an extremely powerful framework that allows basically everything you can think of in terms of automated pipeline. There will be much more, including some bonus topics on adding Rhino Yak packages too. If you're looking to build a company library of tools for computational design, there is no other stop in your journey except this class. We will provide access to a Notion workspace worth hundreds of pages, including future updates. Not selling, just saying :)

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to structure the development of a Dynamo package from scratch.
    • Learn the basics of development, testing, and release pipeline using GitHub Actions.
    • Learn how to ensure proper versioning for the package release.
    • Learn how to use Nuke Build to automate pipeline procedures.