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VRED Server—Harnessing the Rendering Power of VRED for Online Applications

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    VRED Server is a powerful solution that harnesses the power of VRED rendering technology and offers the possibility to enable customers to drive various custom applications with this unmatched technology, such as point-of-sale tools, configurators, visual collaboration, and so on. Learn more about this exciting solution in this class taught by Marek Trawny, the product manager of VRED.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what VRED Server is and the full spectrum of possibilities
    • Learn about uses cases for VRED Server such as online configurators, point-of-sale solutions, visual collaboration, and online CGI applications
    • Discover how VRED Server connects to VRED rendering technology
    • Discover the scope of projects that VRED Server can handle and the reliability you can expect from this system