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VDC Tools and Techniques Used Throughout Project Timeline

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    Gilbane VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) utilizes many tools and tips throughout the entirety of a project to support project needs. This presentation will run though a case study from project start to finish showcasing our process and procedures to put together various deliverables, and the outcome of each deliverable. We will focus on certain lessons learned that we now apply to our standard process, and highlight issues or success stories that have emerged from them. Beginning in Preconstruction, we will look at our Design Model Coordination Reports, touch on 4D scheduling, move onto Coordination and Drawing Submissions, and end on Verification, with a few more points scattered between. This presentation will educate others on Gilbane VDC's tried and true processes and spark ideas for the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Integrate revised strategies for MEP Coordination
    • Identify problems during Preconstruction with the use of Design Model Coordination Reports
    • Minimize risk along coordination process
    • Assess current procedures to identify more efficient processes within enitre VDC Department