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Using the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) Inside Civil 3D

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    Asset management using machine-readable and harmonized information will be critical in the future. Several development projects are underway in the field both internationally and nationally regarding the standardization of information. As buildingSMART describes it, "An Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a computer-interpretable document that defines the Exchange Requirements of model-based exchange. This can be a combination of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), Domain Extensions, and additional classifications and properties [either stored in buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) or somewhere else]. It holds the ability to create localized and use-case-specific requirements for your projects. The IDS is the missing link for predictable and reliable data exchange workflows.” This session will present a use case and demo of a bSDD add-on for Civil 3D software. The add-on was developed by Ramboll and is part of computational design development strategy. The objective is to use data content effectively during the entire lifecycle of the object.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the potential of bSDD / IDS.
    • Discover use cases for buildingSmart newest development.
    • Discover how it's possible to use bSDD in planning.
    • Discover whether using bSDD requires additional configuration to make it easy to use.