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Using Moldflow Insight and Helius PFA to Predict Weld Line Failures

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    The formation of weld lines during the injection molding process can be practically unavoidable for most complex plastic parts. A weld line—defined by the mating of the free surfaces of 2 separate flow fronts—can reduce the aesthetic appeal of the part and often reduces the structural integrity of the part at the mating surface. In this presentation, results from a  Moldflow Insight software analysis are used to determine the weld surface locations, and Advanced Material Exchange software is used to map the results from Moldflow Insight software to the structural simulation. The strength reduction is taken into account in a nonlinear finite element analysis using Helius PFA software to accurately predict the crack initiation and growth of a mechanically loaded electrical isolating rod disconnector.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the problems that weld lines may introduce to a molded plastic part
    • Learn how to avoid weld lines in critical areas of your plastic parts
    • Learn how to evaluate the risk of having weld lines in your plastic parts
    • Learn to transfer injection simulation results to structural study for comprehensive evaluation of part design and process