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Using Geotechnical Data in AutoCAD® Civil 3D

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    Learn how to use the new AutoCAD Civil 3D Geotechnical extension to display and model subsurface data for infrastructure design work. This class will show how borehole data can be imported and used within AutoCAD Civil 3D software to greatly increase productivity for geotechnical engineers. Users will be able to plot hole locations, create 3D sticks modeling strata data at hole locations, and model strata top and base surfaces using geotechnical styling and hatching. The class will also see how the extension is used to quickly manipulate a strata surface by specifying what hole data should or should not be included and how to rapidly create geotechnical sections and automatically create borehole logs (strips) on the profile view.

    Key Learnings

    • Display, style, and manage boreholes and strata surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Display, style, and manage geotechnical profiles, including the generation of borehole log strips on the profiles
    • Use the new AutoCAD Civil 3D Geotechnical Extension
    • Format and import geotechnical data