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Using Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing in Practice

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    Additive Manufacturing is increasingly common in product design and manufacturing, and companies that effectively adopt additive manufacturing develop an understanding of its uses and limitations. Markforged is revolutionizing additive manufacturing with cost-effective metal and composite additive technologies. In conjunction with Autodesk's Generative Design tools, the technology can be used to create designs performance-optimized for their applications and manufactured easily with additive. In this class, learn how to bridge the gap between the two powerful design and manufacturing technologies. we'll go through practical workflows for using Generative Design in conjunction with Additive Manufacturing to get parts that meet the performance requirements of your applications.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the process and benefits of metal additive manufacturing from Markforged.
    • Identify features of additive manufacturing that constrain its implementation in Generative Design.
    • Connect the features of additive manufacturing to tools and implementations within generative design.
    • Create a part with Generative Design optimized for additive manufacturing.