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Using Fusion 360 to Rapidly Prototype Electronics Cooling Within Autodesk CFD

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    Engineers and designers are constantly pressed to deliver greater performance while simultaneously cutting costs and using up less space. This phenomenon requires many design revisions, and the designer and engineer must work together to arrive at the best possible solution that meets the design criteria. This class will start by demonstrating how to create simulation-ready geometry within the Fusion 360 Simplify workspace. Iterating seamlessly between Fusion 360 software and Autodesk CFD software, this class will dive into setting up rapidly prototyped electronics-board configurations and evaluating its thermal performance. Stepping through electronics-cooling best practices, postprocessing simulation results, and evaluating multiple designs—you will learn not only how to validate the original design, but also how to innovate and land on the best possible design. You will learn the effectiveness of iteration CAD modifications and up-front simulation, and master rapid prototyping workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create simulation-ready geometry in the Simplify workspace of Fusion 360
    • Learn how to capitalize on the power of the Fusion 360 CAD–Autodesk CFD CAD connection to modify and update designs based on simulation results
    • Discover and learn how to implement electronics cooling best practices within Autodesk CFD
    • Learn how to postprocess simulation results and verify design criteria requirements in Autodesk CFD