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Using Dynamo with Fabrication Parts in Revit: How It Can Automate Mundane Tasks
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This class will cover using Dynamo with Fabrication Parts. It will be an intermediate class, which assumes attendees know the basics of Dynamo. We will add parameters to Fabrication Parts, look at the nodes available for Fabrication Parts, and build a few scripts to automate processes in Revit software. At the end of this class, we will look at additional possibilities for Dynamo within the Revit environment that will increase your departments’ productivity.

Key Learnings

  • Understand what Dynamo can do for you with Fabrication Parts in Revit
  • Learn how to use different packages within Dynamo to access information currently unavailable
  • Learn how to create a Dynamo script to write a specific parameter to a specific list of fabrication parts
  • Explore some additional Dynamo examples that work with fabrication parts, and discover how useful it can be and how it can increase productivity



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