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Using AutoCAD Plant 3D for Compliance Assurance

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    For many within the oil and gas sector, being able to track and store asset data is paramount in calculating and verifying the maximum operating pressures (MOP) of pipeline infrastructure. This class defines how AutoCAD Plant 3D software can be used to build a facility model to house specific asset data and then use that data to calculate MOP information for a given segment of the facility piping or for the facility as a whole. This data set can then be used for regulatory audits and compliance assurance. Once a site model has been completed, it can then be used for future design changes and infrastructure management.

    Key Learnings

    • Create and maintain an infrastructure model in Plant 3D
    • Use the CAD environment for regulatory compliance
    • Go beyond the primary structure of Plant 3D to meet a greater need
    • Explain why a visual component (3D model) speaks volumes more than other documents can