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Using A360 Capabilities to Successfully Build a Knowledge Repository
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The A360 environments provide the platform for a knowledge and team repository that can support the needs of a broad organization. Autodesk Consulting has transitioned to this platform for core data management and sharing activities. There are many advantages this platform has provided to our worldwide team-in particular, the ability to collaborate with multiple customers and partners in a secure environment. In this presentation, you will learn how to position the platform for success, how process management can be a key to improved activity, and how the environment can become an integral part of organizational success-as well as strategies for rollout and adoption,

Key Learnings

  • Learn how A360 can be used as a central element of team sharing
  • See successful examples of the use of the environment in a team and customer setting
  • Learn how to build effective processes around the existing capabilities
  • Discover the capabilities of the platform




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