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Typical, Functional, Survey Basemapping Workflow

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    Attendees will learn better base mapping workflows by utilizing the many Autodesk tools available. Create an optimal model of existing conditions for engineering designs and analyses. From survey data collected in the field to LIDAR and other data provided by GIS. Complete the first and most important step in every project by combining the many technologies and data into a defendable and dependable base map. Not only is it important to field collect data properly, the way you store the data can play a huge roll in project management and efficiency. Learn about data shortcuts, the survey database and how to optimize its use for sharing information within your organization. Learn about Autodesk's cloud sharing features that many of us own but aren't aware of.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to field collect properly to generate linework automatically using coordinate files instead of fieldbooks.
    • Generate, edit and optimize the figures during the post-processing effort in the office.
    • Learn how to take advantage of LIDAR & GIS data from various sources in order to generate surfaces by classifying the data.
    • Bring it all together and share it with the many ways provided to us with Autodesk's tools.