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Turn Out-Dated into Power-Automated: Revit Data Exchanges into Microsoft Power BI

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    The ability to share relevant data with multiple stakeholders across different applications remains one of the most significant business challenges of our industry. Data Exchanges transfer granular information about models hosted in Autodesk Construction Cloud in a neutral format that allows you to build automated workflows across apps and services. You’ll learn how to create Data Exchanges from Revit software in Autodesk Docs software, and build data flows to Microsoft Power BI using the new bridge to Power Automate. These data flows—traditionally made with sophisticated API investments—are now more accessible to nonprogrammer users.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to share information using Data Exchanges in Revit.
    • Learn about how to set up prebuild connectors between Data Exchanges and Power Automate.
    • Learn how to create, schedule, and monitor business process actions and flow activity in Power Automate.
    • Learn about automating the flow of model-data dashboards in Power BI.