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Training Versus Learning—What’s Your Strategy for Keeping Employees Up to Date?
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Are you still using the same workflow processes and software techniques from 5 or even 10 years ago? We work in a fast-paced technical world where the use of advanced software techniques and processes can be the difference between winning and losing a project. What is your company doing to stay at the forefront of technology, beyond purchasing the software? Do you have a training/learning strategy in place? And if so, do the department leads, project managers, and end users embrace it? Most importantly, does upper management endorse it? In this session, we will discuss learning trends and how you can develop a training/learning strategy that will reap benefits for both management and staff. We will discuss how internal user groups and communities of practice can play important roles in communicating and deploying a training/learning program. Examples will be from a multioffice company with global office locations. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Contemplate training versus learning—why training is denied and learning is approved
  • Learn how to create a successful company-based learning strategy
  • Learn about employer versus employee—who is responsible for the ownership of training and learning
  • Learn how an internal user group or community of practice can promote training and learning



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