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Thinking BIG with Fusion 360 –an end-to-end tool for heavyweight assemblies

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    Fusion 360 is arguably one of the most feature-rich and affordable CAD tools on the market. But some people still think that there surely must be a catch or a compromise. Well, we’re here to show that Fusion is a cutting-edge CAD tool and can easily do what traditional CAD tools can do, plus a WHOLE LOT MORE! Using a real-world example of a complex, component-heavy design for a physically huge 3D printer built simultaneously at the University of Warwick and Autodesk’s Birmingham Technology Centre, we’ll show how Fusion handled deeply nested sub-assemblies of electromechanical components designed with both top-down and bottom-up modelling strategies. We’ll show how Fusion effortlessly empowered the project team to streamline the whole of their design and development process, collaborating in real-time and taking their designs from concept all the way through verification and documentation onto manufacturing through seamless integration with CNC systems.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify how Fusion 360 could be used within their organisations to increase product development agility
    • Assess the feasibility of using Fusion 360 for designing complex products, large and small
    • Use the end-to-end workflows and tools in Fusion 360 to overcome challenges within their organisations
    • Implement Fusion 360 in their organisations to unlock the benefits of real-time collaboration