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The Carbon Legacy of Building Portfolios: Time Bombs for Future Generations

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    Are you killing the planet? You may be proud of your net-zero energy buildings and carbon offsets, but have you considered the embodied carbon impact of your buildings throughout their entire lifecycles, including embodied carbon? If not, you're leaving a carbon legacy for future generations to deal with. In the presentation, we'll dive deep into the science of embodied carbon. We'll look at how it's measured through advanced technology such as Revit software, Dynamo, and Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge), and why it is crucial to consider. We will explore real-world examples of how embodied carbon impacts building portfolios over time, and how it can affect the planet's future. We'll also examine how considering carbon assessments at different scales (regions, cities, buildings, interiors, and products) can help investors and executives make more-informed decisions on strategies to decarbonize their property portfolios.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to define and implement clear requirements on embodied carbon for project procurement.
    • Learn how to evaluate whole-of-life embodied carbon emissions across a portfolio.
    • Discover the best embodied carbon strategies to decarbonize a property portfolio.
    • Collaborate with a wide range of building professionals to unlock new insights into embodied carbon.