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The Automotive Design Workflow Explained

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    After graduating from their respective university courses, BAC founders Neill and Ian Briggs set up their own design/engineering consultancy, with Neill leading engineering activities and Ian heading up the design elements. The company was commissioned to work on major automotive projects with the likes of Porsche, Mercedes, Smart, AMG, Maybach, Ford and Bentley, but they also gained valuable experience with smaller brands, too. Over time, Ian and Neill would identify a gap in the market that they believed simply had to be filled – a single-seater, road-legal vehicle that focuses purely on the person behind the wheel and is totally uncompromised. Ian, Design Director for BAC, will walk users through the automotive design workflows and share his experiences on how software from Autodesk and workstation technology from HP, AMD, and NVIDIA, contributes to the Briggs brother's ability to turn their vision into reality.

    Key Learnings

    • Understanding design thinking as it relates to automotive design
    • Understanding the interaction between software applications in automotive design and production workflows