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Techniques for Rendering Realistic Models in Inventor

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    This class will focus on how to use Inventor software to create realistic rendered images and videos. A good rendering is as much about details in the model geometry as it is with the rendering setup. First we will look at some tips to prepare a model so it will be a good candidate for a high-quality rendering. Then the class will run through the tools available in Inventor software and the improvements made to help create a rendering without leaving the Inventor software environment. After a quick look at the realistic view tool and its options, the class will enter the Inventor software Studio environment to set up and create an improved rendering. Once a single image has been, mastered the class will turn to video by animating moving parts and other environment settings.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover manipulate Inventor appearances for effective visuals
    • Learn how to create model geometry for more realistic renderings
    • Learn how to configure Inventor Studio settings for high-quality imagery
    • Learn how to produce a rendered animation of a model in Inventor