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Teaching collaboratively with Fusion 360

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    From its early days Autodesk Fusion 360 has included ever improving tools for working collaboratively on decentralized teams. With an eye toward education and a few extra capabilities added just for the education space, Fusion 360 is ready to become a central part of the process of teaching design, engineering, and manufacturing. These tools are not usually focus when discussing Fusion 360 for the classroom, but they are the critical elements that make Fusion 360 the best solution for your classroom. You will see these communication and collaboration tools in use as we look at the process for creating, managing, and completing a class. In this session we will explore the tools that teachers will find most useful for conducting their classes in today's dynamic environment to ensure you’re able to keep offering the best instruction regardless of where you or your students are working.

    Key Learnings

    • Grant and manage student access to their individual or group data while keeping it private to them.
    • Evaluate student progress in projects and offer feedback any time from virtually any connected device.
    • Guide students how to document their design process in real time directly in the design file.
    • Quickly archive last term’s course and prepare to start fresh with a new set of students.