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Lecture    AC2191
From Table to Tablet and Back Again: The Evolution of the Designer's Toolset
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More than 30 years ago, AutoCAD® software helped pioneer the shift from graphite and vellum to keyboard and pixels. Shortly thereafter, the mouse gained wide popularity as a way to more easily and naturally interact with that big box on your desk. Since then, we have seen a great deal of innovation in the area of interaction paradigms that has yielded a whole slew of cool devices. This class introduces you to large-format digital drafting tools, gesture-based interaction, touch-based devices, and traditional-looking tools that offer a new twist. Join us for demonstrations of and discussion about some of the leading technologies that are changing the way we think about interacting with our digital design work. This class focuses primarily on devices that can (or could at some point) be used with AutoCAD.

Key Learnings

  • Describe the general trends in device-based interaction paradigms
  • Identify tools of interest and value to your workflow
  • Make informed decisions about investment in new input devices
  • Further explore changes in interaction paradigms



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