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Surviving the Transition from MicroStation to AutoCAD
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Are you a MicroStation user moving to AutoCAD software? Is your company using both CAD packages? One of the first steps to success is to understand the differences between these CAD packages and learn to think like AutoCAD software. This session is designed to familiarize the experienced MicroStation user with AutoCAD software and its functionality. Learn what makes AutoCAD software such a successful CAD package and how you can be more productive in this environment. Learn how to capitalize on your MicroStation knowledge so this transition can be less stressful. Attending this session is guaranteed to improve your understanding of AutoCAD software, an essential skill if you are transitioning from another CAD package or working in a multiCAD environment.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use AutoCAD from a MicroStation perspective
  • Learn how you can capitalize on your MicroStation skills in the AutoCAD software environment
  • Learn to manage data between the 2 CAD applications
  • Learn from an instructor who also transitioned from MicroStation to AutoCAD




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