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Starting Simple: Capturing Your Process Quickly and Adopting Fully

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    Fusion 360 Manage (F3M) can facilitate the dream of an online and integrated world for process management. This tool provides many industry-standard processes already loaded into the system, but one size does not always fit all. Whether young or established, capture your processes quickly. Many get star-struck by F3M only to get caught up in how customizable it can be and try to get every detail right. This approach tends to impair. The best approach is to weave together the principles of starting simply, utilizing the out-of-the-box processes, avoiding perfectionism, and putting user adoption first. This will manifest in a faster return on investment. Do not get left with an imperfect perfected process with nothing to show for your hard work. Lean towards being agile, building simply on the system foundations, with the user always at the forefront of your plans. Ultimately, user adoption leads to happy Directors and CEOs who have not wasted their money, and we all want that.

    Key Learnings

    • Realize the value of getting your processes in Fusion 360 Manage quickly.
    • Realize that getting it perfect isn't immediately important.
    • Realize the full potential of the simple Fusion 360 Mange features that come out-of-the-box.
    • Realize the value of prioritizing user adoption.