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Spot on Site: Leveraging Jobsite Robotics for Evaluating Housekeeping

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    During this session, we will highlight the research collaboration formed between Skanska USA and Autodesk to identify and develop construction use cases for Spot, the robotic dog platform by Boston Dynamics. After conducting testing at the Autodesk Tech Center and Skanska jobsites in Boston, we have evaluated Spot's ability to execute repeatable, autonomous missions that document and analyze jobsite housekeeping and cleanliness, while benchmarking Spot vs. human operators.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate the business ROI of jobsite robotics.
    • Identify trends in housekeeping issues from photos.
    • Implement a clear scientific approach and benchmarking method for evaluating the value-add of Spot compared to a human.
    • Evaluate the human reactions to jobsite robotics.