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Speed Up Design and Optimization of Fluid Flow with Generative Fluids

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    Want to learn how to use generative capabilities to design and optimize fluid flow with lower pressure drop and smoother channels—10-100 times faster? This class will present the Fluid Path study in the Generative Design Extension in Fusion 360 ("Generative Fluids” for short), a powerful generative technology for the CFD industry, explain how to apply it, and share advanced tips and tricks to significantly speed up the design process. You'll learn the Generative Fluids workflow, the physics and optimization behind it, and important aspects involved in getting as much as possible from the tool. Additionally, we'll cover how to connect the workflow with other Autodesk capabilities and products, such as Generative Design in Fusion 360 (to combine both generative technologies, structural and fluids); Autodesk CFD for result validation; and Fusion Electronics Cooling in Fusion 360. This session is a chance to ask direct questions to the people creating the product.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to effectively use Generative Fluids in Fusion 360 with advanced tips and tricks.
    • Explore innovative ways to optimize and design fluid flow.
    • Learn about speeding up design and optimization of fluid flow to save cost and get better design, 10 to 100 times faster than a standard approach.
    • Connect Generative Fluids with other Autodesk workflows, including Autodesk CFD, fusion electronics cooling, and Generative Design.