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Speed Up Drawing Creation Through the Power of Templates in Fusion 360

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    Drawing templates, when used to create drawings in Fusion 360 software, can both accelerate the time it takes to complete your mechanical engineering documentation, and ensure your drawings consistently represent your business and project standards. We will start by creating a new title block, with fields that can be automatically populated with information from the design, project, and your profile. We will add this to a new template, then walk through other options for customizing the template for your specific office and business needs. We will then show the power of "placeholder" elements in your template, and demonstrate how they can help remove much of the tedium of creating a new drawing from scratch.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a new custom title block designed for your business, brand, and industry needs.
    • Learn how to create a template with document and sheet settings designed for your company and your projects.
    • Learn how to create a "smart" template that can automatically generate sheets, views, parts lists, and bend tables.
    • Learn the benefits of using templates versus preferences.