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Solving the clash between Model Coordination and Navisworks

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    Currently, Autodesk have two 3D coordination and clash detection tools in their AEC portfolio of products. Deciding which one to use between Model Coordination and Navisworks can be a challenge. Have you wondered how large multi nationals like AECOM are making that decision? In this industry talk AECOM will share some of our ideas and workflows with you on how best to leverage Model Coordination and Navisworks on your vertical infrastructure projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify factors driving the decision of when to use Model Coordination and/or Navisworks
    • Share models in accordance with ISO19650 status codes and workflows
    • Hear about real world use cases for strategies of: grouping, prioritization and dealing with clash false positives
    • Build optimized dashboards to make your clash detection more productive for the project team