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Simple, fast and error free design-to-manufacture workflows with Fusion 360

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    Automated modern manufacturing technologies require a highly trained workforce, with equipment that punishes novices, and cheerfully damages itself if mishandled. Advances in manufacturing often require investments in new equipment and extensive retraining - costs which often leave established manufacturers behind. Learn how to increase productivity through establishing robust, easy-to-use, error-resistant, end-to-end evolving workflows that build on existing manufacturing expertise and equipment. These workflows scale and equip designers with manufacturing expertise while also driving automation, providing a giant leap forward in usability for operators through proactively identifying and highlighting errors. Real examples will be used to illustrate the process drawn from our educational expertise in transforming the prototyping experience of hundreds of novice students per year, enabling them to go from concept to custom part in a couple of weeks with a 90% 1st time success rate.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to capture and study your existing workflows from a usability perspective
    • Evaluate how to staff, resource, and implement end-to-end workflows that continuously improve
    • Study how to use automation to proactively identify errors
    • See how end-to-end cloud workflows organize data and make it visible to all stakeholders