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Should Your Firm Build Custom Tools?

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    In this panel, we’ll interview multiple firms that have had custom software solutions created for them. We’ll look at some of the reasons that drove them to create custom tools—whether it was to gain a competitive edge, or to make their Autodesk products that much better, or for the sheer love of innovation and limit pushing. We’ll get a good perspective on some of their challenges, hear about lessons learned through their experiences, and see if they’d consider embarking on this journey again. The panel will consist of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing professionals. Most of them are innovators and intrapreneurs (someone who disrupts an industry from within the walls of their own company). If you’ve ever cared about innovation and wondered what it's like to build your own product, this class is for you!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn when and why to create a custom tool for your firm.
    • Learn about the challenges you can expect when developing a tool.
    • Learn how long it usually takes to create a custom tool.
    • Decipher whether creating a tool is a good idea or not for your firm.