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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now - Finding Happiness in a Workplace

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    <p>Working for an AECO+ Company is like being in a committed relationship. As such, there are lots of ups and downs. Almost Everyone at one time or other wonders what it would be like to leave their firm and work somewhere else. When should that time be? Are your coworkers difficult to work with? Are you burned out from working long hours? Do you enjoy what you are doing? Does it have meaning? What about your boss? Are they making your life easier or harder? Do you want to advance, and your firm or co-workers are holding you back? Do you feel you are just getting paid too little? Is it really your firm or is it you that needs to change? How are all these questions affected by Covid? This class will discuss these questions and many more. This session will be designed so that the attendees will be given, and even encouraged, to give feedback and join in the discussion. So, bring your thoughts and complaints and your comments about your workplace and let&rsquo;s dive right in!</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to properly re-evaluate your current position and if it is right for you with all generational considerations.
    • Learn how to find some happiness with your current position.
    • Learn how to recognize if it is your responsibility and not your company&#039;s responsibility to find meaning in your work.
    • Learn how to continually market yourself to your current employer and let them know your value.