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Leveling Up with AutoLISP in AutoCAD LT 2024

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    This session will provide a general understanding of how to use and work with AutoLISP in AutoCAD LT software. Users will start by learning what AutoLISP is and which file formats are associated with it. Following an introduction of AutoLISP, users will learn to load and use AutoLISP programs, and discover some best practices for managing these files. After learning how to load, use, and manage AutoLISP program files, users will learn the basics of writing and modifying AutoLISP programs. These basics will focus on understanding the syntax of AutoLISP statements and five core functions: setvar, getvar, command, setq, and defun. As part of learning the basics, users will enter AutoLISP statements directly at the Command prompt to get immediate feedback before learning to store AutoLISP statements in an LSP file.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to load and use AutoLISP programs.
    • Learn how to manage AutoLISP program files.
    • Learn how to understand and write AutoLISP statements.
    • Learn how to save AutoLISP statements to LSP files.