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Shift Your Change Processes to a Higher Gear with Fusion Lifecycle

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    Effective change management is critical to deliver your products and projects on time, with the right quality and within budget. Throughout the product lifecycle many changes can happen. Change management isn't just for engineering and manufacturing but also other stakeholders such as suppliers, service, and so on. In this class you will see how Fusion Lifecycle software can help you take control of change by offering a collaborative environment where product changes are fully defined, reviewed, approved, and implemented. We will show you the out-of-the-box workflows and see how we can easily extend them to respond to change requests in time, quickly discover and assess the scope of changes, learn the complete change history log, and manage team activities in context of your change activities.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the out-of-the-cloud change management solution of Fusion Lifecycle.
    • Learn how to extend the solution with complementary apps from the Fusion Lifecycle App Store.
    • Explore how other stakeholders can easily be included in change management workflows.
    • Discover how engineering change workflows can integrate with Vault.