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Secure Design in a Cloud Connected World
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How do you do use the secure, scalable, and cost-effective capabilities of the cloud to accelerate your design and engineering process? In this session, we will show you how Autodesk cloud solutions such as Fusion 360 are built on a secure, scalable, and enterprise-grade Amazon Web Services platform, as well as how desktop solutions such as Inventor can be deployed on a secure virtual private cloud for enterprise-grade security and lower total cost of ownership.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how Amazon Web Services enables global collaboration with data sovereignty for Inventor and Fusion 360 projects.
  • Learn how Autodesk cloud solutions such as Fusion 360 leverage the Amazon Web Services platform for secure scalability.
  • Learn how you can virtualize your Autodesk desktop products such as Inventor on Amazon Web Services and its benefits.
  • Discover how cloud accelerates the iterative design process.



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