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Scaling Up – Enterprise Launch a Case Study of BIM 360 to ACC

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    This Case Study is about an enterprise launch of BIM 360/ACC as our design & construction platform. We have 1,000+ internal & as many external collaborators utilizing full capabilities. Since January 1, 2021, we have automated the creation of 1,500 active BIM 360 projects & in May of 2022, we will launch the ACC, all in less than 18 months. 100% of all new projects will use ACC. Our aggressive timeline is focused on our commitment to digitization & project delivery. You will hear the pains & gains of this transition from legacy systems and into a collaborative, data-driven space. Our first goal was operational efficiency and a consolidated project experience. Being committed to streamlining our project execution we are realizing our long-term data-driven results & beginning to harvest project insights. The study will preview how we use Forge, Data Connector, & Bridge for data integration and you will understand the resources, planning, & investment needed for enterprise success

    Key Learnings

    • Gain insights of an enterprise launch of BIM 360 and upgrading to ACC.
    • Learn from implementation examples the effort and planning that is required for full company adoption.
    • Why upgrading to ACC a year after a BIM 360 launch is critical to project success and our digital transformation
    • Improve your company’s digitization journey into construction technology adoption.